What are the Functions of Mail Delivery Management?

The process of sorting and distributing mail and packages to student housing apartment residents is something that requires great organization and skill to be carried out effectively. On a daily basis the U.S Postal Service is responsible for delivering large quantities of mail and packages, many arriving at student housing apartment complexes. In 2020 alone, the average number of mail that was processed and delivered on a daily basis throughout the U.S. was around 429.9 million. Imagine how much mail and packages tech savvy students are ordering for delivery.

With such high volumes of mail to process each day, it is no wonder that more residences, particularly those living in student apartment buildings, are outsourcing their mail services to professional third-party postal companies instead. This can reduce the risk of lost mail or damaged packages occurring, amongst the other millions of mail which the U.S Postal Service needs to process. 

With  more than 161.4 million addresses to service in the US, there are certainly going to be delays or errors that occur with such large quantities of mail to process. By outsourcing student housing mail delivery needs to a professional mail delivery management company, student housing apartment operators are able to focus their efforts on the leasing and managing, ensuring that any mail and packages are delivered promptly and securely. Let’s take a look at some of the functions of mail management in student housing.

Why Introduce Mail Management in Student Housing Accomodation?

Effective mail management is important when you are a resident in an apartment setting as there is an abundance of residents who want to live close to campus. It is particularly useful for students living in an apartment complex to know that any packages they order will be dealt with in a professional and timely manner. College students are likely to order online groceries and clothing, to keep up with the latest trends. In 2019 alone in the US, college students spent at least $9.5 billion on clothing and accessories combined, which would equate to a lot of packages being processed and delivered by the postal companies.

With this generation being tech savvy and able to order an abundance of goods online with a simple click, this enables the private postal companies to offer solutions that keep operators active, without mail delivery responsibilities, achieving the high level of service they can expect for this generation of consumers. College students do not have time to sit waiting around for a package to be delivered when they have educational and social commitment to attend throughout the day. Therefore the distribution and secure methods in which a private postal company can provide in a student housing apartment setting is certainly going to be beneficial for their needs.

It also enables the staff that work for the student housing residence be able to effectively deal with the large quantities of mail and packages that students are ordering each day. Instead of having to separately deliver each parcel to every resident they can allow the postal company to deposit the relevant packages in their secure mail room which will enable students to collect their mail accordingly. This helps to provide a smooth student mail management system for all.

The Importance of Mail Management in Apartment Housing

Given that a lot of people order online items now due to the increasing popularity of internet shopping, consumers now expect to have their packages delivered as promptly as possible. Consequently there is the need for a team of people to be responsible for the mail and package management for the apartment industry.

The Covid-19 pandemic saw a surge in online deliveries due to the majority of people spending more time at home browsing the web for items to shop. This has increased the number of packages that the postal service now has to accommodate regularly, which has somewhat altered the daily functions of mail management. There is less reliance now on just mail, but having to safely deliver a significant number of packages instead.

This has also been helped with larger retail companies offering quick postal deliveries on items. As a result consumers are much more willing to reshop with certain companies if their products are delivered efficiently and intact. As a result this has also contributed to the significant rise in daily packages that postal services now expect to deal with each day.

For the student housing apartment buildings to be able to keep up with the number of daily deliveries from postal companies, they need to provide a safe and secure area for postal workers to be able to drop off their deliveries without inconveniencing other residents and creating a hazardous area full of overspilling parcels.

The Introduction of Lockers as a Storage Solution

With the use of package locker solutions this enables the all carriers to securely deliver residents packages and avoids the need for staff to be waiting around for residents to claim their parcels. The introduction of secure lockers and package rooms enables the packages to be deposited in a secure manner which only the recipient of the parcel can access with a unique code. This enables the recipient to collect their parcel in their apartment complex when it is convenient for them and will not need to worry that it could be lost or stolen if it was placed in a communal setting instead.

The Benefits of Secure Lockers

The introduction of secure lockers and monitored package rooms in apartments provides a suitable alternative for residents to receive their mail and parcels in an efficient and secure manner. The benefits can be seen by both the residents and the staff working for the private postal company.

  • Provides a safe social distanced delivery solution, which is particularly important during a pandemic. Residents do not need to collect the parcel directly from the postal worker but will instead be notified by email and text when their parcel has been deposited in the locker and can collect it when it is convenient for them. This is particularly useful for a student who is not able to wait around for the delivery of a package.
  • Prevents scenarios whereby theft and loss can occur. The resident is provided with a unique secure access code to their locker which would not be accessible to other residents in the building. This help prevents packages being stolen and enables the postal worker to continue on with their day.
  • Provision of a safe and secure storage room. Where there is not the option of providing lockers as a mail solution, there is always the option of installing a 24 hour secure storage room fitted with security cameras which can only be accessed by residents of the building who are supplied with a unique access code to collect their relevant parcel. The use of the security cameras can help deter packages from being stolen too.
  • Private postal delivery companies can effectively manage their staff more efficiently. Instead of having staff waiting around to hand deliver parcels to residents they are instead able to securely drop off the package in the required locker and continue processing other deliveries. This enables the company to be able to keep up with their relevant target of mail and packages for the day and employ the services of their staff where they are required.
  • Postal company providing better customer service. The relevant mail delivery management company can instead deploy staff to work on 24 hour customer service, providing answers to queries and complaints instead of focusing on solely delivering items to residents. This provides the consumer with better customer support which can help boost popularity and efficiency for the postal company.

Why a Private Postal Company is Beneficial for Mail Management

When you outsource mail services to a private company there is a professional team on hand that is able to deal with any requests or queries. This is something that the postal service is not able to provide due to the sheer levels of quantity they deal with on a daily basis. With a private postal company you can easily expect the following.

  1. Access to 24 hour helpline, 365 days a year which is toll free for clients.
  2. Providing guidance on necessary documentations that are needed to collect packages.
  3. Reducing the stress of lost packages or theft with mail protection and ability to track packages on your cell phone.

The positives of efficient mail management enable the recipient to routinely receive their mail and packages in a timely manner. This can be particularly useful in an apartment setting like a student housing residence, whereby there are multiple flats. Postal Solutions is an example of a postal service that can provide effective mail and package solutions for an apartment industry. By utilizing a professional postal service the resident easily has access to the 24 hour helpline which is useful when they have any queries that need attending and to track their parcels accordingly. With the additional security that locker solutions provide in an apartment setting it enables the recipient to routinely track their order and collect their parcel at a time when it is convenient for them which is particularly beneficial in the life of a student.

Overall the implementation of a well managed mail and package delivery service is particularly important for student housing apartments where you have a large number of student residents, such as in student housing all living within close proximity of college towns and a university. Being able to effectively deal with everyday postal demands is something which the building managers need to deal with along with various other issues. By introducing the services of a third-party private postal company who can assist in delivering mail and packages in a safe and secure manner is certainly beneficial for all.

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