What are the Cost Savings of a Package Locker System?

Automated package and postal systems are becoming increasingly popular in settings like universities, libraries, mail centers, apartment complexes. While these systems are convenient for users, are they good for the companies that use and operate them? To give you an idea of whether or not a tool like this could work for you, this article will be exploring the cost savings of a package locker system. 

This sort of tool can come with other benefits alongside saving money, and they are often great for organizations that need tools to improve their mailing infrastructure. 

Fewer Employees

It takes a lot of individual employees to be able to successfully operate a traditional package system. Depending on the type of location you are operating, it is likely that you will need at least one employee to receive and give out packages. Larger companies and venues will require more team members, often having to deal with a lot of demand for their service, especially in the modern world.

Alongside receiving and giving out packages, universities and colleges will often have employees that drop packages off at each of the addresses they have on campus. While this is great for resident students, it can cost a small fortune for the establishment itself. With employees often being the single most expensive cost a company like this has to pay for, it makes sense that many universities are moving over to package locker systems.

Providing 24-Hour Service

There are a lot of people in the world who aren’t able to adopt a normal sleeping pattern. Whether this is because they work night shifts or are students who love to go out each weekend, it’s important for people like this to be able to access their packages on a 24-hour basis. Paying employees to provide this can be extremely expensive, with many universities and apartment communities having to offer higher rates of pay during unsociable hours.

This also works out great for businesses like libraries. Companies like this can struggle to take returns securely when they can’t stay open or keep employees on at night. A package locker can enable you to receive returns at any time that works for your customers, rather than forcing them to come through your doors at specific times. Apartment residents can collect their packages without needing access to the leasing office, 24 hours per day.

Higher Security

Security and cost are very important areas for any company that deals with other people’s packages. These factors can easily end up wound together, and it’s worth considering them when you are choosing a package locker system. Most package management systems like this have been designed to be incredibly secure. Thick doors and solid hinges keep packages safe, while alarms, CCTV, and other video surveillance tools prevent crimes from going unnoticed. This can be far more affordable than making a whole mail sorting area secure.

Of course, though, security can also help to prevent packages from being stolen and also assist with customer service responsibilities. The packages you take will no longer be the responsibility of the mail carrier once they come through your doors. This means that you need to protect them, and having them stolen or lost could result in payouts having to be made. While rare, it is best to keep your business protected from this sort of threat, working hard to ensure that your packages don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Less Infrastructure

Building roads, installing mailboxes, and having the other infrastructure you need to be able to handle package deliveries can be very expensive. This most applies to organizations like universities, though there are plenty of other companies out there that would also have to take similar steps.

Package room and package locker systems can solve an issue like this. Not only will they enable people to collect their own packages, but they will also solve the need for the infrastructure required for delivery. While this gives the recipient more work to do, this can often be more convenient for them. Students and those with jobs often can’t stay at home to receive a package, and collecting it for themselves can be far easier to work into their schedule.

Finding The Best Package Locker System

There are a lot of package lockers on the market nowadays, with this type of mail handling becoming increasingly popular. Companies like Amazon offer their own lockers, though this can be quite restrictive, and it will usually be better to look for one that you can control. You can find some of the main features to look out for below. Other companies too, like Parcel Pending and Package Concierge also offer options, although there is a clear leader in this space with Postal Solutions and Luxer One.

Security: Security is absolutely crucial when you are offering a service like package handling. You need to make sure that your package lockers have been built to withstand all of the latest criminal techniques, ensuring that they are strong and resistant to the worst punishment that they are likely to receive.

Convenience: Your users need to be able to get their packages with ease when they use your lockers. Touchscreens and barcode readers can make this process much easier, but you also need to make sure that your lockers have manual entry systems in place.

Hygiene: There has never been a time when hygiene was more important. Your package locker system needs to have controls that are easy to clean and use, along with being made from materials that won’t easily transmit viruses and other diseases. Of course, this is a benefit of most package lockers.

Flexibility: Alongside being convenient, your package lockers also need to be flexible. Being able to store things that need to be kept cold can be a big part of this, especially as more and more companies are offering food online.

As you can see, there are a lot of requirements that you need to fulfill when you are choosing a package locker system. Locker Solutions offers package lockers that meet all of them, excelling in every area and providing outstanding quality for years to come. This has made them a popular choice in a variety of different sectors, with their lockers and other package solutions being regarded as some of the best on the market. 

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  1. It was really informative when you pointed out that package management systems are created to be incredibly secure. I would think that it would be important for all apartment managers to use a locker system so that they don’t have large piles of mail accumulating in their offices. It seems like it would be easier to misplace mail when there are large piles of it gathering rather than being placed in a secure locker.

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