Top 5 ways to save time accepting packages at an apartment community?

Mail delivery can often be an unnecessarily complicated process, especially when it comes to rental communities. And this is why it is so important to have experts involved in helping you with this, and looking at the best ways in which this process can be streamlined, and made more efficient and effective.  Finding the perfect company to be able to provide these solutions is hugely important, and can make a massive difference to the way in which this process is taken care of. Postal Solutions is one of the leading companies that can help you with this, and it is important to take a look  at the different things that they offer, and how they can assist you in getting the perfect mail solutions. 

Postal Solutions offers comprehensive mail management solutions that meets your needs and helps to make for a more organised and enjoyable process all year round. You’ll never need to worry about your mail getting lost, misplaced, mixed up, or delivered to the wrong place. Here are the top 5 ways to save time accepting packages at an apartment, and these are the best options that Postal Solutions will offer.

1) Luxer One Package Lockers

Not only do Luxer One Package lockers look amazing and trendy and modern, but they are fantastically designed and fit for purpose. Ordering this package for your shared apartment community is surely something everyone will be able to get behind, and it can have a hugely positive impact on the way mail is delivered, sorted, organised, and received. When it comes to your mail, privacy and confidentiality are the key factors for you, and these are things that can be achieved with these stunning package lockers. As durable and well-made as they are striking, these are lockers that will improve any interior, and their durability ensures they will last a long time, and won’t need constant repair and maintenance.

But the main positive factor with these locker packages is the security they provide. Storing, robust, and with an excellent locking mechanism, you can rest soundly knowing that your packages are going to be safe and well looked after until such a time as you are ready to retrieve them, and you can’t ask for more than that!

2) Monitored Package Rooms

Alternatively, a monitored package room also provides an excellent option for safety and security within shared apartment communities. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider here, and this is something that plays a part in helping with this. Monitored package rooms provide a safe space where parcels and packages can be left, for the residents to then access whenever they need to. And, the fact that it is monitored provides an additional layer of security, and makes this an excellent choice for helping to improve mail delivery services in any apartment community.

These storage rooms come with 24/7 video surveillance, customer services, and digital package logging software. They make the whole process of retrieving and securing delivery of products to be an absolute joy, as well as improving things from the perspective of you, your clients, and everyone involved in the mail delivery process.

3) Contactless Delivery and Pick Up

Since coronavirus, the need to socially distance has increased, and contactless has become the new way of  the world. This is why it is becoming increasingly more important for companies, particularly those that are service based, to provide adequate contactless solutions, and give their customers the best and most comprehensive service imaginable. Now, there are a lot of things that play a role in this, and the way the Postal Solutions contactless delivery and pick up service operates is a key part of this process.

The packages are dropped off, then a notification is sent to the customer, who can then go to the lockers directly and pick up their package in person, using their phone. This is such a simple yet effective process, and one that can have a massive impact on the delivery process, making it significantly more efficient, whilst also maintaining safe and healthy social distancing parameters at the same time.

4) Outdoor Package Room-Kiosk

An outdoor package kiosk is one of the most beneficial solutions that can be used to make the most of this right now, and there are so many great ways of benefits to choosing this. The outdoor package room kiosk makes for an impermeable and secure Luxer Room capable of withstanding all weather conditions, and providing a secure environment for residents to be able to collect their mail and packages whenever they choose to. The great thing about these outdoor kiosks is that they provide a great overflow solution for high-volume deliveries, as well as providing an excellent option for buildings in which space is a premium.

And the best thing is that the whole thing comes equipped with iOS software solutions, allowing residents to be able to communicate and access via their mobile devices. It reduces package handling from staff and ensures that safe and secure deliveries are made and are readily accessible to customers whenever they need to retrieve them.

5) Luxer Fridge

Now, it is often the case that people will be sending or receiving perishable items, and these will include items that need to be refrigerated. As such, it is vital to be able to provide refrigerated lockers for these items to make sure they are kept secure and preserved as much as possible. With adjustable shelves, reliable refrigeration, and internal locking, this is an item that is essential for helping to provide that extra bit of service, and to help improve your delivery solutions. This high-quality and environmentally friendly refrigerator locker is an essential addition to any thriving apartment community, and should definitely be considered.

As you can see, these are five of the key ways in which Postal Solutions is dedicated to being able to save you time when it comes to accepting packages at an apartment community. These are some of the key ways of being able to achieve this, and there are a lot of things that play a role in helping you achieve this. Use these ideas to help make the mail delivery process more organized and impressive every day.

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