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Your inbound package logging and notification software system, PackageLog® is inbound online package management software for those who receive packages on the behalf of others. By management software, we mean that PackageLog® is an inbound package logging and delivery system that aids in managing deliveries, making it easy to log, notify recipients (by text message and email), and manage chain of custody and Facilities for an organized, quick delivery to the recipient.

There is nothing to download and nothing to install. PackageLog® is cloud-hosted and works on all of your current devices (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile).

Securely deliver packages to recipients with our redundant security feature. A digitized signature pad only proves that someone was present, not who was present. (Works with or without a peripheral device).
PIN or Signature, Which is More Secure?

The Big Difference Lies in Fraud Losses

The debate between signature verification and PIN verification has been ongoing for some time. Debit card providers have been split about which is more secure, but that debate is beginning to lean heavily on the side of the Personal Identification Number or PIN verification… READ MORE.

Deliver packages to recipients by collecting their signature (digitally) via deskptop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Sure! Either contact us, visit our free trial page, or call us 24/7 at. We’ll gladly provide you with a demo, followed by your complimentary free trial. We know that schedules are busy, and we’re happy to accommodate your timeline. We look forward to hearing from you!

Nope. PackageLog® is a month-to-month subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that renews again for one-month at a time. Or, contract for one-year and get one-month free!

We don’t want you to feel “trapped,” we just want you to use our software and love it. As proof, here’s the entire paragraph from our Terms and Conditions about renewals:

“This contract supersedes all existing contracts and agreements between PACKAGELOG and you. This contract shall automatically renew on a monthly basis for an additional one-month period (renewal term) unless you provide notice of termination in writing or by choosing the cancelation option.”

Yes! PackageLog® was specifically designed for apartments, on/off-campus student housing and business of every type; worldwide! We understand different types of deliveries and the system automatically modifies itself based on client type.

PackageLog® works perfectly for conventional multifamily housing, business campuses (institutional and corporate), hotels, MPCs, religious institutions, high-rise buildings, receiving departments (mailrooms), and even banks & mortgage companies. All you have to do is choose the settings that fit your needs, and PackageLog® will work for you.

No, we developed PackageLog® to be as easy and fast to use as possible. PackageLog® is extremely intuitive, and requires minimal training.

PackageLog® does not charge you for additional databases (we call them Facilities). A Facility is any location where packages are collected (ex. Susan’s Desk, Accounting Department, Back Dock, Housing Office or Leasing Office); you can add as many as needed (per account location).

Yes, PackageLog® is permission-based and fully controllable per User. If you don’t want a desk assistant to see or do something, just check the permission setting and grant or remove their access at will. PackageLog® was built with User roles and offers suggestions for you along the way; you don’t have to reinvent the wheel… we’re already rolling!

Do I have to send you all of our recipients’ private information to add to the system? What if I’m not comfortable?


Are the notifications sent from the system manageable? Do I have to use your text? What if I want to use my own?


What if a recipient wants to add a roommate, spouse or coworker (agent) to pick-up packages on their behalf?


What if I need help? How do I know that I’ll reach someone?


In what countries is the SMS alert feature supported?


I’m not sure that I understand your billing model. Can you help me?

I don’t see a PackageLog® model for my business or industry, can you still help me?


While PackageLog® does provide a default message for each notification sent from the system, they are 100% editable within your account. You change verbiage and customize every alert sent from PackageLog®.

Examples:  “Pool party Saturday…,”  “Remember to…”

PackageLog, LLC is a fully licensed and highly insured division of Postal Solutions. company, offering 24/7 live-operator toll-free customer service at 1-855-315-4455. Go ahead, try it now – we’re waiting for your call. Together with our parent company, we’ve been offering high-level customer service for more than 20-years!

PackageLog® does not want you to have to pay for more service than you need. We know that budgets are a concern for businesses of every type, and have decided to base our monthly fees based on researched ranges of housing densities and common business sizes.

If you don’t see your range on our pricing page, just call us at 1-855-315-4455 and we’ll work with you to find the best pricing possible.

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Nothing beyond your existing desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. PackageLog® does not require any peripheral devices to operate; it can work with them, but requires none.

Logware has safeguards for protecting recipient information from cyber-security breaches. Logware complies with all applicable data security laws and its access, use, storage, or disclosure of information. Logware applications secures all of its data with Rackspace, one the largest and most secure cloud server hosts in the industry. We have ensured that Logware servers completes nightly back-ups, redundant data dumps, and monthly backups to Rackspace backup servers, as well as continued penetration testing. Logware applications are also designed to not allow code injection, which is one of the most common form of security breaches for cloud applications. In addition, PackageLog removes all recipient information from its database from any recipient that has an Inactive status for more than 6-months.

Additionally, Logware carries a $1 million dollar cyber security insurance policy in the unlikely event of any issues related to security breaches of our data.

ackageLog® is designed to work with or without a barcode scanner. Should you wish to add our secure delivery PIN system, ePOD™, a 10-key (wireless or wired) may help, but none are required – our software system can easily operate without it.

Cloud-hosted means that this package management software is hosted off-site and stored securely on managed servers. Our package tracking system is stored in the same place that 60% of the top 100 U.S. businesses store their information. Because PackageLog® is cloud-hosted, you can access the system from anywhere in the world, using any internet-connected device.

Our parent company, Postal Solutions, was founded more than 20-years ago. Coupled with our experienced management staff (including a double-VP award winning retired USPS Postmaster), PackageLog® was developed to inbound package management software that saves time and money while being super-simple to use.

While we have learned a lot during our development, design and implementation periods, we work directly with an award-winning development firm located in Orlando, Florida. Their experience and development have been crucial for the development of PackageLog®, as it has been for many of their own national and international clients.

PackageLog® does not charge you for additional Users. A User is someone who may be operating the software and managing package delivery with/for you. We did not want to see a scenario where every User was “General Manager.” Since PackageLog® will store information specific to each User, you’ll know who did what, and when.

No, you don’t have to send us anything. PackageLog® was designed for you to use yourself. We offer a host of client types and an easily upload-able file format specific to each.

All you have to do is add your data (ex. first name, last name, etc.) and upload the file (or if you only have a few recipients, you can add them manually). PackageLog® will do the rest! If you need our help, we’re here to assist!

Not only can you add agents, but all recipients can also manage their own. PackageLog® allows for a Primary Agent and as many additional as needed.

Yes we can! PackageLog® works worldwide for any industry that accepts packages on the behalf of others. PackageLog® is scalable enterprise software that will work for a group of 2 or 200,000. Whether you’re an MPC, small or large business, management company, courier service, high-rise building, corporate or institutional campus – (or something we just forgot to mention) …PackageLog® will work for you!