Package Management Should Be Easy.

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Top Package Management Software features

Lobby Display Board

The display board allows your residents to see how many packages they have waiting for them.

  • Real-time package tracking
  • Custom branding available

Online Software : There’s nothing to download or install and there’s no equipment to buy; all updates are completed automatically.

Software Integration : Everything is easier with our property management software integrations. PackageLog integrates with Yardi Voyager®, Entrata® and RealPage®.

Just an Internet Connection : Use your existing desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile devices. Peripheral devices like barcode scanners and number pads are compatible, but not required!

Decades of Experience : We understand mail delivery; our parent company manages mail and packages to 80,000+ housing, office and apartment recipients every day!

Top-Notch Customer Service : Reach a real person, 24/7. Try it out, call us now at 1-855-315-4455.

ePOD™ : Securely deliver packages to recipients with our redundant PIN security feature (works with or without a peripheral device).

Digital Signature : Deliver packages to recipients with our digital signature tool (works on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile).

Delivery to Agent(s) : Package recipients can add agents to their profile, allowing their roommate, loved one, assistant, co-worker, parent, etc. to securely pick up items on their behalf.

Current / Past Recipients : Upload your new list and PackageLog® will save past recipients, setting their status appropriately. All database information can be easily shared with TrackItLog™ too!

Return-to-Sender & On-Hold : Set the length of time that you want to store packages, and PackageLog® will adjust them to be returned automatically (or on-hold if recipients are out-of-town or traveling).

Responsive Notification Delays : Schedule automatic notifications to recipients and package delivery timing delays.

Package Display / Lobby Board : An automated feature to help you visually alert recipients when they have deliveries waiting! This feature is easy to use and will automatically pop-up in a new webpage window.

Customized Notifications : PackageLog® automatically sends your customized “You have a package!” notifications to recipients by opt-in text-message (SMS) and email alerts. Send unlimited text-messages (SMS) or mass-email to all recipients anytime, free within the U.S.

For Apartment Communities, a Resident Retention Amenity like You’ve Never Seen : By sharing upcoming community activities, promotions, links to social media or payment portals, via PackageLog®’s automated notification system, you can connect with residents again and again – and they’ll love you for it!

*This software is for use within the USA only

Smart, Intuitive Design : TIncredibly easy to use, minimal to no training required (another great saving).

Unlimited Databases and Unlimited Users : At no extra charge, add all the system Users and Facility databases that you need.

Total control over your data : Upload recipient lists yourself, customize fields and menus, search anything, and monitor complete activity for each of your Users!

Super-Fast Load Times and Secure Storage : With super-fast load times and secure storage, you can rest assured your database and tailored settings are easily accessible to authorized accounts. Add unlimited Facilities, view User activity and share account information with PackageLog® for easy setup and edits.

Privacy and Cyber Protection Insurance : Logware® is insured, with policies for technology protection, data breach and privacy protection, etc. – up to $1,000,000. Let’s just say you’re in good hands.