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When the USPS won’t deliver mail into your student housing apartment mailboxes (POM 631.52), call us to help manage the daily outsourcing of your delivery! 

We offer mail and package management services for off-campus student housing apartments nationwide, on-campus university residence life programs, and mixed-use residential / retail locations.

Adding Postal Solutions will minimize your mail-related inquiries and save you time. We are available 24/7/365 via live-operator customer assistance. Call us at 866.378.8157

Experience Matters

Our company is familiar with all USPS documentation necessary for the collection & management of U.S. Mail.

Awesome Support

Offering a superior level of customer service, every client receives access to 24/7 live-operator toll free customer service.

Stress Free
Eliminate the burden of managing the self-delivery of U.S. Mail, theft, loss, and ongoing complaints by transitioning your existing mail management services to Postal Solutions.

Our Typical Clients

The United States Postal Service does not traditionally deliver mail and packages to every type of property. Our target client is any property or organization that is planning to outsource mail and package management services to a professional manager. These groups often want to outsource the management of risk and liabilities associated with daily mail duties.

We support clients who expect a high standard of customer service and support. 

Our Qualifications

Offering mail delivery outsourcing management services since our founding in 2000, and in conjunction with our decades of experience in the mail and package delivery industry, our team offers clients peace of mind. We expect the highest level of service support to ensure that all of your needs are satisfied.

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