Contactless Delivery with Luxer One® Lockers

Contactless Delivery

Packages are delivered to the secure lockers via onboard touchscreen.


Luxer One system sends the recipient a single-use access code via email & text.

Contactless Pickup

Using the Luxer One mobile app, recipients can pick up directly from the lockers via their phone.

With automated smart lockers, you can provide your students, residents, patrons, and customers with a secure and hands-off way to receive packages and orders.

How do smart lockers provide contactless delivery and pickup?

Social Distance without Sacrificing Security

No person-to-person contact is involved in delivery or pickup. Packages are kept secure until the recipient picks up.

Mobile App
Mobile app for multifamily, university, and office allows recipients to pick up directly from their phones.
Fast and Simple

Pickup and delivery take under 20 seconds each. Users get in and out quickly.

No Keys, No Fuss

Completely key-free system lets you control access remotely, no device management needed.

* Outdoor systems and cold storage (refrigerator) units also available.

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